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Koegel Meats is NOT Connected to the City of Flint Water System.

Koegel Meats is NOT Connected to the City of Flint Water System. We wish to assure our customers that the processing of Koegel Meat products has not been affected by the City of Flint water crisis. We are concerned like so many others about the current water issues facing the City of Flint and its residents. Koegel's purchases its water from Flint Township and the Township acquires the water from a totally separate system not affected by the issues the City of Flint is experiencing. In addition, we further filter water to a higher degree before using it in our recipes. On behalf of the Koegel Family and our employees - thank you for choosing Koegel's! 

We use COLD PACK shipping containers to guarantee freshness upon arrival.


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Orders containing ONLY JARS of Pickled Bologna and/or Red Hots SHIP DAILY

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