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2 Jars Pickled Bologna & 2 Jars Red Hot Franks- 40oz each
This combo contains 2-2.5lb Jars of Koegel Pickled Bologna and 2-2.5lb Jars of Koegel Red Hot Fra..
Based on 1 reviews.
Best of the Best- 6 pk 8ct Viennas & 6 lg Ring Bologna
The Best Hotdogs have been paired with the Best Ring Bologna! This combo contains: 6 Larg..
Best Seller Combo-1-2.5lb Jar Pickled Bologna, 4lb Coney Sauce & 4-8ct Viennas
This combo contains 4 packages of 8 count Koegel Viennas, 1 Flint Coney Sauce (4lbs), and 1 jar o..
$51.99 $49.99
Campfire Combo-24ct Viennas, 2-4ct Smoked Sausage & 2-4ct Polish Sausage
This combo includes: 24 Koegel Viennas 2- 4ct Smoked Sausages 2- 4ct Polish Sausages ..
$41.99 $39.99
Chili Dog Party Pack- 3-24ct Viennas & 3 sm Chili
The Chili Dog Party Pack includes: 3- Packages of 24ct Koegel Viennas 3- Packages of 13oz..
Coney Dog Party Pack- 3-24ct Viennas & 4lb Coney Sauce
The Coney Dog Party Pack includes: 3 -Packages of 24ct Viennas 1- 4# Flint Coney Sauce ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Family Chili Dog Combo- 10lb Box Koegel Viennas & 6lbs of Koegel Chili Topping
This combo includes 10lb of Koegel Viennas (natural casing) and 6lbs of Koegel Chili topping. ..
Family Coney Dog Combo-10lb Box Koegel Viennas & 4lbs Flint's Original Coney Sauce
This combo includes 10lb Box of Koegels Viennas (natural casing) and 4lbs of Abbott's Coney Sauce..
Based on 1 reviews.
Family Favorite- 2 Jars Pickled Bologna, 4 lb Coney Sauce & 48 Viennas
2-2.5lb Jars of Koegel Pickled Bologna 4 lbs of Abbott's Flint Style Coney Sauce 48 Koege..
$76.99 $69.99
Flint's Original Combo-2.5lb Jar Pickled Bologna, 2.5lb Jar Red Hots, 6-8ct Viennas & 4lb Coney Sauce
This combo includes: 2.5lb Jar Pickled Bologna 2.5lb Jar Red Hots Frankfurters 6- 8ct..
Griller Combo- 3-8ct Viennas, 1-4ct Smoked, 1-4ct Polish Sausage & 2 chili
This combo contains: 24 Koegel Viennas-Natural Casing 1 package of 4 Smoked Sausage 1..
Grilling Combo- 3-8ct Viennas, 2-4ct Smoked, 2-4ct Polish & 2-4ct Bratwurst
This combo contains: 24 Koegel Viennas, 8 Polish Sausage, 8 Smoked Sausage, and 8 Bratwurst. ..
Koegel 2.5lb Jar Pickled Bologna & Red Hot Franks
Item: Pickled Ring Bologna 2.5lb jar - Gluten Free! ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Koegel Favorite Combo-2.5lb Jar Pickled Bologna, 2.5lb Jar Red Hots, 6-8ct Viennas & 3 Chili
This Koegel combo includes: 2.5 lb Jar of Pickled Bologna 2.5 lb Jar of Red Hots Frankfur..
Koegel Sampler-8 Viennas, Chili, Pickled & Plain Ring Bologna, Sliced Bologna & Summer Sausage
This item includes: 8 Koegel Viennas, 1 Koegel Chili, 1 pkg Thick Sliced Bologna, 1 Summer Sausag..
Perfect Pairs- 2-24ct Viennas, 2 Pickled Rings & 2 Lg Ring Bologna
2 Packages of 24 Viennas 2 Packages of Pickled Ring Bologna 2 Packages of Large Ring Bolo..

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